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Considering self-insuring?

Considering self-insuring your employee group benefits plan? We can help! Maximum Benefit is our go-to provider for companies that want to self-insure their employee benefit plans (ex. dental).

What is self-insuring?

Self-Insuring is a great way to reduce the cost of a group benefits plan and can work well for organizations that expect a predictable claims experience.

To the employer and employees, a self-insured plan functions exactly the same as an insured plan with only one big difference: The employer is only paying for “claims” that have actually been incurred by the employee group plus a small administration fee that is paid to a third party administrator for adjudicating the claims. The potential cost savings can be substantial!

How do you know whether self-insured or Insured is best for your organization?

When a company offers group insurance benefits to their employees, it’s most common to take the “insured” approach. However, in some cases, the self-insured path can actually be more beneficial.

Here are some more reasons why this employee benefits plan may be right for you:

Insured Approach


Maximum Benefit Program

Would self-insurance save your company money?

Insurance becomes costly for an employer when inflation, expenses, and trend factors are combined to drive up the costs of benefits. For example, if an annual inflation rate of 12% is combined with an insurance company’s expense margin of 35%, claims for the year would have to be less than 53% of the total premium paid to ensure that the rates would not increase in the following year. In other words:

0 %
of the premiums being paid would actually be going toward the cost of claims - which isn’t cost effective.

So, would self-insurance save your company money?

Contact us today to learn more about the Maximum Benefit program and for a no-cost analysis of your employee benefits plan.

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