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Premium Benefit Program


Ranger West Financial and Insurance’ Premium Benefit program is the best service we can offer. Let our advisors work directly with your plan administrator to bring you the best possible plan for your company’s needs.

  • Comprehensive brokerage service – We do the “shopping” for you. Because we have contracts with all the major insurance companies in Canada we can find the insurance plan that is best priced and most suited to you’re company. Our “at a glance” spreadsheet summary allows you to easily view all the quotes collected and make easy decisions.
  • Full time administrative staff – Within our office we have a full time group plan administrator to specifically answer your questions or help you solve problems – you don’t have to deal directly with the insurance company!
  • Personal benefit plan delivery service – We send our carefully trained and licensed representatives out to personally meet with each one of your employees to explain their new benefit program, claims procedures, and how their benefits integrate with WCB, EI, & CPP programs. This eliminates many questions that would normally be directed to your firm’s group plan administrator.
  • Annual plan design review – Each year we meet with you to review your existing benefit program to ensure that all of the components of your plan still meet the needs of your firm)
    Three year “shopping” service (Every three years,if required, we will “re-shop” your benefit program to ensure that you always have the “best” benefits at the “best” price.
  • Why should your firm do business with us?

    • Our firm has the “exclusive” marketing rights to the largest “small business” benefit program in Canada – The Chamber’s of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.
    • Our “premium” benefit plan program delivers top rate benefits to your employees. This unique program reflects our personalized service philosophy that separates us from the “insurance factory assembly line” concept that has become so prevalent in our industry.
    • As indpendent benefit brokers we work exclusively for YOU! We don’t represent one particular insurance company! You no longer have to deal with three or four different insurance agents to make sure you are getting the best plan!
    • Our office is conveniently located to service your account – we are centrally located on St. John’s Street in Port Moody, B.C. How to get here
    • Our firm has a “community” focus and actively supports organizations in communities where we do business. Some of the organizations we are involved with are: Rotary, regional Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, Terry Fox Hometown Run, minor hockey, little league, Hospice and numerous other local charities.
    • Our firm has a “shop local” policy that commits us to purchasing all our products and services from existing clients.

    You decide if the “Premium” benefit service would help you!

    In most companies the responsibility for administering or overseeing a firms “benefit program” lands on the shoulders of a key administration person, business owner, or controller. In today’s competitive work environment these individuals have many other responsibilities constantly demanding their time. Spending hours & hours sorting through the maze of benefit plan jargon and rates can be an unpleasant and often difficult task…..How can we help?

    • Our unique service makes the process of reviewing, overhauling, analyzing, “shopping”, and implementing your benefit program a simple process. With our “premium” benefit plan service we simply meet with your firm’s benefit plan contact and collect some preliminary information. We analyze your existing plan, make recommendations, and help you determine the best solutions for your firm.
    • Next, we will request quotes from various Canadian insurance companies, analyze their proposals, put all the summaries on a one page recap and then meet with you to review all the options and determine the best plan for your firm…..that’s it. You make all the important decisions but we do all the time consuming work! Did we mention there is NO cost to your firm for all this extra service!

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