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Business Insurance for Partnerships


Ranger West Financial and Insurance specializes in Business Insurance for Partnerships. Did you know that when a business partner dies the partnership is automatically dissolved? ensure your partnership survives during a difficult time.

When a partner dies, the partnership is automatically dissolved by law. In the absence of an express agreement, the surviving partners face the following alternatives:


  • A forced sale attracts bargain-hunters, with assets sold at sacrifice prices
  • With Goodwill gone, value of the business is drastically reduced (40% to 90%)
  • Surviving partners are out of a job


  • Surviving partners may seek a new partner
  • Finding a purchaser with enough skill, money, compatibility or professional designation may be difficult
  • Convincing the heirs to sell for an agreeable price in time to prevent forced liquidation by creditors may be impossible


  • The cost of borrowing to buy out a deceased partner’s shares may prove extremely costly
  • Satisfactory credit arrangement may be difficult

There Is a Better Solution!

Partners agree by contract (a Buy-Sell agreement) that:

  • The interest of any deceased or disabled partner will be purchased by and sold to surviving partners in the event of death or disability
  • The value of respective nterests, or a method of determining them, will be clearly set forth
  • The method of financing the purchase be clearly defined

Business life and disability insurance create the funds to finance transfer of business interests thereby:

  • Providing sufficient cash immediately and economically
  • Freeing operating capital for normal business requirements
  • Eliminating additional borrowing or invading of personal resources

Advantages of Business Life & Disability Insurance

  • To Surviving Partners – Guarantees full ownership of the business
  • To Their Heirs – Guarantees full value of their interest in the business in cash
  • To the Business Today – Guarantees business continuity and strengthens its position with customers, creditors and competitors

Today the choice is yours. Which will it be?

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