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Chamber of Commerce Insurance Plan


Ranger West Financial and Insurance Services Inc. are the exclusive advisors of the Chambers of Commerce Group insurance Plan for the Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody areas of Greater Vancouver. Whether you are a sole proprieter, incorporated, partnership, home-based business or part of a larger firm, benefits are a very important part of your financial security. The Chambers of Commerce Group insurance Plan lays a solid foundation, based on a benefit program designed specifically for you and your company! Read more by clicking on any of the following links:

Why Participate in the Chamber’s of Commerce Business Insurance Plan?

  1. There is no required MINIMUM NUMBER of employees. Full benefits are available to a “group” of one.
  2. The plan is run on a NON-PROFIT basis. There is no parent company making a profit at your expense. Premiums are set to cover the cost of the plan’s benefits and administration.
  4. Life and Disability coverages, are FULLY POOLED. This protects the small business against large premium increases because of claims. No one firm can be targeted for a rate increase as all participating firms must have their rates adjusted to reflect pooled experience.
  5. In firms with 5 or more employees, each individual is GUARANTEED BASIC LEVELS OF COVERAGE.
  6. You have unlimited use of the plan’s TOLL FREE SERVICE LINE. You or your employees can follow up on benefit or claim questions and receive prompt help.
  7. You support your local Chamber of Commerce and local business by participating in the plan.
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